Year 6 Residential – Norfolk Lakes

Year 4 Animal Music

Year 4 Poetry Actions

Year 4 Greek Week

Year 4 Art – Babbage

Y4 Bug Hunt

Africa Alive

Year 3 had a wonderful day up close with many animals, we even got to touch some of them! Many thanks to Ruth at Africa Alive who allowed us all to stroke a python and hold a millipede. We were proud of all the children who overcame their fears and actually touched or held the snake or millipede.

The Big Bird Watch

To begin their new topic ‘The Big Bird Watch’ Year 5 made bird fat cakes this week. They have taken them home to see what new birds they can attract into their own garden.

RE Week

Year 4 Mosque Trip

Year 4 enjoyed an interesting trip to a Mosque to kick off RE week. Here are some photos showing what they got up to.