Cluster SENCos:

Kirsty Barber:

Alie Otty:

Cluster bought in services:-

  • Educational Psychologist – C Ducker (through CEPP)
  • ALST – V Scott (through CEPP)
  • School 2 School support from Fred Nicholson School

Cluster Support Planning Meetings are held once every half term to discuss pupils who are making very limited to no progress. If it is felt that a pupil would benefit from external assessment to help identify or clarify their barrier to learning then one or more of the services above is bought in.

Cluster panel meetings are held 5 times a year to discuss pupils where additional funding is required in order to support their needs. These pupils are known as Higher Level Needs Pupils. Funding allocated ranges from short time to long term (although this still needs to reviewed on an annual basis).

Cluster SENCO meetings are held every half term to evaluate cluster procedures and update on SEN news, training and services available to schools.