Promoting British Values

At Dereham Church of England Junior Academy we promote fundamental British values, not only through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, but at every opportunity.

All pupils are encouraged to treat everyone with respect.  We ask that they try their hardest to understand and respect what others believe in, even if it is different to what they believe.  Children are exposed to different races and cultures in many areas of the curriculum: through visits, what they learn in the classroom and through what they are introduced to in assemblies.  Respect underpins our school’s golden rules and everything we do, and is extended to all areas of school life.

The children at Dereham Church of England Junior Academy are encouraged to have a ‘voice’ and a say in many areas of school life.  Class and school councils, deciding on class rules and even what to do in ‘Golden Time’ are examples of democracy in action in our school.  Understanding that being able to influence decision making through the democratic process, and the fact that this is how Britain is run, is an important thing we try and help the children appreciate.

We want our pupils to feel free to voice their opinion in a respectful manner.  We appreciate that many of our pupils have different views on what they think is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and ask that they explore these views and discuss them sensitively.  However, we have rules in school, and whilst they may disagree with them at times, in the end the children always appreciate why they are there – for their safety.  As they are subject to the school rules, we use this to help our pupils understand that all people living in England are subject to its rules – this is known as the law or the law of the land.

So much of what we foster and encourage at school is mirrored in Britain’s wider society.  All of those that work and spend time in school (children and adults) uphold these values and point to them as a code of conduct for life in general.  We sum it up in one word – RESPECT – but teach and learn it in a multitude of ways.