Maths Week England

On Wednesday 13 th November, years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a very exciting Maths lesson. As part of ‘Maths Week England’ NRich presented a webinar lesson to get the whole country involved. It was great fun trying to work out how many teddies could fit in our
classrooms. It really gave our brains a workout!

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Outdoor Learning

We loved using our brilliant ground to practise measuring in
mm, cm and m!

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TT Rockstars

Look how many of us feel we have improved our times tables – BRILLIANT!

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Pirate Dancing

In P.E., we are choreographing our own pirate inspired dances – we are REALLY enjoying it!!

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Roman Day

What an amazing kickstart to our topic! Mosaic making, shield designs and a Roman banquet. The children tried lots of new flavours (although I think they were pleased the dormice were chocolate!)

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