The School Day

The school day

8.40am First bell school gates open
8.50am Second bell children need to be in school
8.50am to 10.40am First session this is usually core subjects and can be split into two
10.40am Collective Worship (Monday to Thursday)
11 – 11.15am Break  
11.15am – 12.15pm Second session  
12.15pm to 1.15pm Lunch  
1.15pm to 3.15pm Third session  
2.30pm to 3pm Friday only Best efforts assembly and Collective Worship

Arrival at school

The school gates are opened at 8.40am and the children are allowed to come into school at any time after that. Children are welcome to arrive either through the main gate at the front of the school or via the ‘field gate’ which is part way down the path towards the church. After arriving the children are able to choose whether to go into the classroom to organise their belongings and occupy themselves quietly or play on the playground until 8.50 when the bell for the start of school is rung. We do ask parents to support us by ensuring that the children arrive promptly ready to start school at 8.50.

During the day

The first session of the day lasts until 10.40am when the school comes together for collective worship Monday to Thursday. Break is at 11am for 15 minutes followed by the second session of the day at 11.15am for one hour until 12.15pm when the lunch break begins.

The afternoon resumes at 1.15pm and on a Friday includes our celebration assembly that we call “Best Efforts” when some of the children share what they have learned in the week.  Certificates for good work and good behaviour are handed out as well as special achievement awards such as “Bikeability”.  During this assembly we also present our “pupil of the week award” to someone who has tried hard and achieved something really special to them.

Leaving school

The day ends at 3.15, when the children will be accompanied by school staff to the gate – again the children can choose to leave by either the main or field gates.