Pasta Pot ICT

This half-term, year 4 were tasked with creating a delicious new pasta pot recipe. They tasted lots of different foods that they could use as ingredients and then working in teams decided which ingredients to include in their pasta pot.

This was an important task, as the best pasta pot recipes were going to be used as one of the lunch time salad bar choices in the summer term.

Once the ingredients had been chosen, the children had to develop their recipes and the final challenge was to make and assess their pasta snacks. They had to assess what they looked like, how flavoursome they were and how they felt about the texture of their snack.

Damian  – our school chef  – then came to every class to make his decision about which of the recipes he liked best.

Our Pasta Pot challenge winners were:

Bella (Dickens) because her pasta pot looked very attractive and tasty

Ethan, Samuel, Dylan and Taylor (Nightingale) because their recipe was dairy free and would be suitable for people with an intolerance to dairy.

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