A Day with the Egyptians at Norwich Castle

What a brilliant way to kick start our Ancient Egyptian
topic! Our day at the castle was lots of fun but also very informative. The year was 1865 and Egyptologists had been exploring the Necropolis of Thebes in Egypt, making all kinds of fascinating discoveries. One of the team had recently uncovered the tomb of the High Priest, Ankh Hor, and wais excited to share their new knowledge with the world. However, not everyone felt that uncovering the treasured tombs of the dead was such a good idea… The day consisted of four activities led by the museum
1. Meet the archaeologist – Exploring some
wonderful, genuine Ancient Egyptian artefacts and becoming amateur
2. Mummification
Learning how the Ancient Egyptians mummified the dead.  Visiting the Ancient Egypt gallery and seeing
genuine Egyptian sarcophaguses
3. Life in an Egyptian Village – Meeting an
Ancient Egyptian villager and learning about daily life in 1330BC and transforming
ourselves into an Ancient Egyptian
4. Egyptian jewellery – Learning about the significance and design of jewellery in ancient Egypt and creainge something to take away with us

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