Parent Feedback

A huge thank you to every one of the 263 parents and carers that took the time to fill in our Parent Questionnaire this Autumn Term.

We are very pleased with what you are telling us, but promise to keep working hard and improving in every way we can. As you can see, there is a marked improvement in all areas according to your responses when compared to last year (the figures in red).

Although the statement, ‘This school deals effectively with bullying’ has a relatively high percentage of ‘Don’t knows’ compared to other statements, nearly all of you reported that you put this response because you have not encountered it or don’t know what happens. Rest assured, we do all we can to tackle all forms of bullying. Read our new Behaviour and Relationships Policy to see our stance on this most important of issues.

We are very proud of our school: the parents, staff, environment and most important of all, the children. We will do all we can to continue to improve and remain open to suggestions and feedback at any time.

Many thanks again.

All the staff at Dereham Church of England Junior Academy

thumbnail of Parent Questionnaire – Results – Autumn 2018