At Dereham Junior Academy, we want our children to develop a knowledge of computing that will give them an understanding of the opportunities that different technology can offer them. In their learning, they will appreciate the awe, wonder and capabilities of digital technology. As part of this, it is essential the children learn and then trust themselves to navigate the internet and access the web safely and efficiently.

Computing is a subject of opportunity and we ensure our children embrace this ever evolving subject confidently and creatively, applying their new learning and skills with courage. During their time with us, our pupils will learn how to use data, communicate with each other with kindness, create and publish multi-media and assess and select new technology for a purpose.

We believe our computing curriculum will result in our pupils being respectful, effective and safe participants in an increasingly digital age. It may even nurture an aspiration to explore a career in it later in life.

We teach Computing discretely across year groups using a scheme called, ‘Teach Computing’. Computing sessions are taught on a weekly or bi-weekly basis across year groups and we use it regularly to support our learning in our cross-curricular topics.

An overview for computing can be seen by clicking here.


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Taught as discrete lessons throughout every half term and used to provide support (research, presentations, etc) in most topics.

The scheme ‘Teach Computing’ is used to provide the foundations of our computing curriculum. This is a part product of the ‘National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE)’ which has links to ‘STEM’.