History has defined who we are and how we live today.

At Dereham Junior Academy, we want our pupils to understand this and appreciate how different people’s lives were throughout history in both Britain and the wider world. We also want then to appreciate how all events that have come before us now, have shaped the town, country and world we live in.

We provide a history curriculum that scrutinises how places, people and lives have changed over time. It appreciates the diversity of societies and relationships with respect and kindness, and acknowledges the creativity of people when faced with challenges in the past. We aim for our pupils to develop a secure knowledge of chronology and begin to express connections and contrasts in different places and times.

We encourage our pupils to BE historians. They will be detectives when exploring sources of evidence and discuss whether or not they can be trusted and explore the possible reasons for this. They will need to piece clues together and have the courage to venture their own opinions.

We want our pupils to reflect on events in history and the impact they have had – both here in Britain and around the world – with awe and wonder. Who knows, they maybe even develop aspirations to work in this field in the future!

All of our history is taught through cross-curricular topics. There are currently no discrete history lessons.

An overview for history can be seen by clicking here.


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The vast majority of DJA’s history curriculum is taught through topic at the times above. History is often the ‘lead’ subject in these cross-curricular topics.