At Dereham Church of England Junior Academy we want to engage and inspire a love of music in our children through developing their courage to have a go at being really creative.  We want our children to have the opportunity to play, sing and create music whilst working collaboratively and respectfully with their peers. We want them to develop their own opinions on a range of musical styles and trust that while their views may be challenged, they will be met with kindness and understanding. We encourage the children to develop their own performances and give them the opportunity to share them with their peers and the wider community. We want our children to reflect on the awe and wonder of music, so they aspire to making it a part of their everyday lives.

An overview for music can be seen by clicking here.

In all year groups, the majority of our music curriculum is taught discretely and not as part of a topic. Any current exceptions to this can be seen below.

All of the year groups have a term’s music tuition each year (also, see below).


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 3

Steel Pans – Music Service


Year 4


Recorders – Music Service


Year 5

Through Topic


Keyboards – Music Service

Year 6


Samba – Music Service


Taught as discrete lessons throughout every half term other than text provided above.
‘Charanga’ scheme is used to support planning and DJA progression model.