Curriculum Statement

At Dereham Church of England Junior Academy, we make learning engaging, interesting and fun.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced and really enjoyable for the children…and the adults who deliver it!

To see a summary of what each group studies over the year, click the relevant year group tab on the left-hand side under ‘What We Are Learning’.  The ‘Curriculum Map’ will give you an overview of the whole year.

English and maths accounts for most of every morning, where the children are encouraged to push themselves and select challenges that are exactly that…a challenge!  Where possible, our maths and English work is linked to the topic being learnt at that moment in time.

To see overviews for our maths and English curriculum as well as the National Curriculum for mathematics and English, click the ‘Maths and English’ tab on the left-hand side under ‘What We Are Learning’.

We know that the children enjoy making links between subjects, so our curriculum is largely based around 6 cross curricular topics – each one lasting 5 weeks every half term.  To develop a sense of ‘learning together’, every year group will be studying topics that fall under the same broad heading at same time.  This will look different in each group though, so although the topic in school may be ‘Food’, in Year 3 this will be ‘Dereham’s Den’; in Year 4 ‘Come Dine With Me’; in Year 5 ‘From Farm To Fork’ and in Year 6 ‘Chocolate!’

To find out what your child will be learning through these topics, click on the relevant year group tab on the left-hand side under ‘What We Are Learning’ and select the relevant topic.  Here you will find a ‘Topic Jigsaw’ a ‘Knowledge Organiser’ and any other topic information.

Not all subjects will be taught every half term.  Where this is the case, the phrase, ‘Will be covered in another topic or half term’, is used.  Where information under a subject is written in italics, this means it is studied during this half term but is not part of the topic.

Relationships, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and British Values are learnt and promoted throughout the year.  This can take place during circle time or class council; can be part of topics; can be discrete sessions or may be a focus for discussion during any part of any day.  Although RSHE and British Values do not always appear on our half-termly jigsaws, it is an incredibly important area of school life and permeates everything we do.

To see our RSHE and British Values statements, click on the ‘RE’ and British Values’ tabs on the left-hand side under ‘What We Are Learning’

As a Church of England school and an academy in the DNEAT ‘Family’, RE plays a major part in our curriculum.  We choose to teach RE in weekly blocks throughout the year.  This enables the children to fully immerse themselves in the area being studied.

To see our RE curriculum, click on the ‘RE’ tab on the left-hand side under ‘What We Are Learning’.

The children really engage and are motivated by our curriculum.  We continue to improve it year on year and try our hardest to show everyone the wonderful work the children produce and the exciting activities they experience.  For this reason, we look to record the children’s learning in a variety of ways, other than only completing work in books.  We also capture the children’s learning through filming, photographing, recording and producing performances.  Many of these activities are recorded in our Classroom Books and can be seen in our ‘Learning Gallery’…take a look!

To see our ‘Learning Gallery’, click on the relevant tab on the left-hand side under ‘What We Are Learning’.