RSHE and Life Skills

Relationship, Heath and Sex Education (RSHE and Life Skills)

At Dereham Junior, our RSHE and Life Skills curriculum is designed to give the children the tools to navigate successfully from childhood through to adult life. We will achieve this through a bespoke programme of lessons – designed to meet the needs of our pupils, both within school and the wider community. Our lessons will allow the children to express their honest thoughts and feelings in a safe, informed and mutually respectful environment.

Our RSHE and Life Skills Curriculum

Videos used in RSHE and Life Skills lessons

Withdrawing your children from lessons

As the subject is now statutory (compulsory) children will not be allowed to be withdrawn from any statutory lessons. If a child misses a key lesson or lessons due to illness or holiday, these lessons will be delivered at another appropriate time. Children can be withdrawn from sex education (reproduction) after a discussion with the Headteacher. However, they cannot be withdrawn from lessons on reproduction from a scientific viewpoint, puberty or lessons to do with relationships.