Key Stage 2 Test (SATs) Results

Due to the pandemic – there have been no end of key stage results for the academic year 2019-20 and 2020-21

KS2 Results – May 2019

SATs are the tests that the Year 6 children take in May.  These results, along with the Teacher Assessment for writing (there is no test for writing), are reported and compared to the national average and other schools around the country.  Children at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) are expected to reach at least Age Related Expectations (ARE) in reading, writing and maths:
  • ARE = a scaled score of 100+
  • Higher Standard = scaled score of 110+
As well as attainment, children’s progress is also measured at the end of Year 6.  This is calculated by using their KS1 (Year 2) assessment and seeing if progress is better than expected (+ figure) or not as expected (- figure). The table below, displays the provisional attainment data – the percentage of children who have attained ARE and the Higher Standard.  Progress data for 2019 reflects average progress, which is more difficult to achieve for a Junior school.  Our progress measures are better than the Local Authority average for all three areas, but slightly below the National for reading and writing:
These results reflect a pleasing set of results in some areas, especially the fact that we have performed better than the national average for Combined, Maths and GPS greater depth.  Our results also compare well to Norfolk’s and DNEAT’s average figures: