School Staff

The School Team

We have many people working in our school:

HeadteacherMrs K. Scott
Deputy HeadteacherMr S. Dack 
Year 3   
Year Leader & Class TeacherMrs R. Groves (Curie Class)
Class teacher Miss F. Rowbury (Keller Class)
Class teacherMiss K. McKay and Mrs S. Crawford (Mandela Class)
Higher Level TAMs C. Guymer (Curie Class)
Teaching AssistantMiss S. Trumm (Keller Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs J. Cockell (Mandela Class)
Year 4   
Year Leader & Class TeacherMiss A. Millington (Babbage Class)
Class teacher Mr A. Blenkin (Parks Class)
Class teacher Mrs S. Swetman and Mr S. Dack (Malorie Class)
Class teacher Mrs R. Allot and Mrs S. Gardiner (Seacole Class)
Higher Level TAMrs T. Ramm (Babbage Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs C. Scott (Parks Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs K. Calver (Malorie Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs J. O’Sullivan (Seacole Class)
 Year 5   
Year Leader & Class TeacherMrs R. Dack (Wilberforce Class)
Class teacher Mrs D. Chadwick and Mrs V. Hook (Pankhurst Class)
Class teacher Mrs C. Bodiam (Naidu Class)
ClassTeacher Miss M. Joy (Attenborough Class) 
Higher Level TAMrs N. Utting (Wilberforce Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs S. Sutton (Pankhurst Class)
Teaching AssistantMs S. Postle (Naidu Class)
Teaching AssistantMiss B. Hammond (Attenborough Class)
Year 6   
Year Leader & Class TeacherMrs G. Waymouth (Shakespeare Class) 
Mrs T. Stuart-Sheppard (Shakespeare Class) 
Class teacher Mr S. Allot (Malala Class) 
Class teacher Mr S. Jenkinson (Tabei Class)
Class teacher Miss G. Folkard (Bevan Class)
Higher Level TAMrs J. Kendall (Bevan Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs S. Wilcock (Malala Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs A. Fraser (Tabei Class)
Teaching AssistantMrs M. Harding (Shakespeare Class)
Additional HLTAMrs S. Clark (Working across all year groups and classes)
SENCoMrs K. Carter
Pastoral Worker/Safeguarding LeadMrs L. Hathaway 
Pastoral Worker/Safeguarding LeadMrs D. Peek 
Attendance OfficerMiss V Moore
School Business ManagerMiss D. Reardon
Academy Support AssistantMrs M. Costello
Academy Support Assistant Mrs J. Birchenall
CaretakerMr C. Swift
CleanersMrs S. Swift, Mrs L. Fairweather, Mr J. Mears and Mrs K. Watcham 
Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSAs):Mrs K. Greef, Mrs W. Brown, Mrs D. Rix, Miss Willis Dawson