Shakespeare Class’ Macbeth Masterpieces

Shakespeare Class enjoyed seeing their final pieces come to life this week applying cross-hatching and hatching techniques that we have been experimenting with over this term. They also used pen-and-ink to add depth to their art work. The result were impressive!


Well done to Oscar, Dimitri, Kate and Tyler for arranging their shapes into a square before anyone else! They were then able to work out and discuss what fractions each shape accounted for – well done!

Year 6 Macbeth Roles

Year six did amazingly well taking on the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in our hot seating activity. See what you think..

Year 6 – Brasil Day

Shakespeare Class enjoyed learning all about Brasil. They enjoyed trying Capoeira and participated in a Samba lesson, experimenting with different beats – harder than it looks! A great launch day for our topic!