Attendance is important to us and the children as it is proven that children’s attendance has a significant impact on the progress they make at school.

” 87.5 per cent of pupils reach Key Stage 2 Level 4 mathematics in schools where pupils average fewer than 7.5 days absence a year — but this drops to 62.1 per cent in schools where average absence is more than 15 days.” (Teachernet 2009).

We understand that children may need to miss school from time to time, but expect those times to be kept to a minimum, the school uses a number of reward strategies to promote good attendance.

Since September 2013, Headteachers’ discretion to authorise term time holidays has been withdrawn and Headteachers are only allowed to authorise absences during term time in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Term time holiday’s will be recorded as unauthorised. Parents should be aware that an absence of 10 consecutive school sessions (5 school days) will be considered for recommendation to the Local Authority for a Fixed Penalty Notice; this is in line with the shared attendance policy of the Dereham Cluster of Schools.

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