Learning at Home Summer Week 3

Logan from year 3 with his poster from today’s lesson (along with his poster he made in year 2!) and many photos and videos of Logan saving the ocean and world over the past couple of years!  He has done a 2 beach cleans, a city clean and we have been around Dereham a few times including a clean up with his previous school (both year 2 classrooms)! His mummy is Norfolk’s 1st trash tribe member who brought the non profit organisation Pure Clean Earth to Dereham and who is team leader for the Dereham area. Please also see photos of 4Ocean bracelets which is another fantastic way to support the cleaning up of the Ocean especially if you can’t go out to physically litter pick. The bracelets symbolise a pound of trash has been pulled from the ocean with your purchase.  They are also made out of litter collected from the ocean.  Watch the video clip of Logan on the local news! He has also been on the radio, in Breckland magazines, newspapers and other online articles – amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these with us Logan – what an inspiring young man you are!  We are very proud to have our very own eco warrior student in our school!

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Sports Relief Activities

To support Sports Relief, we all took part in daily challenges this week from hula hooping to keepie-uppies. Here is some evidence of our efforts.

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World Book Day

Dickens World Book Day Café

Our book inspired us to make paper aeroplanes! We had a competition to see whose planes flew the furthest… Mr Swift joined us when we were flying them! We also read

It inspired us to believe that we can all be artists…

Babbage Class

Shakespeare Class

Keller Class

Keller class enjoyed their family café today.  It was based on The Green Ship by Quentin Blake and the children showed some great creativity producing their stormy scene out of pastels, explaining where the boat was taking them to and what it was like there.  It was great to see so many parents getting stuck in with the activity too.  Here are some of the costumes from our celebrations including one child dressed up as the main character from a book they’d actually written themselves!

Year 5

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