Relationship, Heath and Sex Education (RSHE)

At Dereham Junior Academy, we are preparing for the new statutory Relationship, Health and Sex Education lessons that come into effect in September 2020. Because we believe that the new guidance will help our children to be healthier, safer and more confident individuals, we have decided to bring all of the different lessons and topics in from September 2019.

As well as the advice from government, we have sought to find out what the children of this community require. We have received advice from outside agencies including the local police and health professionals to identify the specific needs of the children in Dereham. Finally, and most importantly, we have questioned the parents on what they feel their children need from their RSHE lessons as these are the people who know the local community and their children the best. We have also set up a parental working group that monitors and makes suggestions about what other things they think it is vital that our children learn about.  For example, in a recent questionnaire, parents said they felt it important that we talk about how to play computer games safely and healthily as well as how children’s relationships with their parents may change as they get older.

Withdrawing your children from lessons

As the subject is now statutory (compulsory) children will not be allowed to be withdrawn from any statutory lessons. If a child misses a key lesson or lessons due to illness or holiday, these lessons will be delivered at another appropriate time.

Children can be withdrawn from sex education (reproduction) after a discussion with the Headteacher. However, they cannot be withdrawn from lessons on reproduction from a scientific viewpoint, puberty or lessons to do with relationships.