Planetarium 2021

On the 20th of September 2021, the Planetarium came to our school. We all went inside a huge dome. When we went inside, the man projected the pictures onto the front of the dome so we could all see it.
We learned that Jupiter has a giant hurricane that has been going for over 400 years straight. The Moon’s real name is Luna and is believed to have been made when many small asteroids hit Earth and almost cut it in half. All of the small asteroids started circling Earth. One day, they all joined together and created our moon. The order of the planets (smallest to largest) are Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter. The coldest planet is Uranus reaching -224 degrees celsius. The hottest planet is Mercury, reaching 427 degrees celsius. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all gas giants. Saturn’s rings are full of small rocks and pieces of ice. The ring looks like it is not moving but it is actually moving extremely fast. The different shades of colours in Saturn’s rings show how close the objects are to each other. The darker ones are when the objects are closer together and the lighter ones are when the objects are further away from each other. It was really enjoyable and we learned lots! Charlie

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Year 5 French Bread

To finish off their amazing Journey Through France topic, Year 5 made their bread using the flavours of Provence. It was THE most delicious ‘pain’!

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Year 5 Science of Farming Trip

Year 5 visited the Norfolk Showground to experience the science behind farming and the many career opportunities available. We health-checked a lamb, studied the effects of fertiliser, investigated where our food comes from and rode a tractor!

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Year 5 RE Trip to Salvation Army

As part of their RE Week, Year 5 visited The Salvation Army in Dereham. They are answering the Big Question ‘Is it Fair?’ and were able to find out about the foundations of The Salvation Army and what they do to tackle poverty and injustice in our society today.

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Year 5 Pankhurst

Some students from Pankhurst Class, Year 5, were calculating the perimeter and area in a real-life context. They worked in teams to apply learnt skills to calculate the costs of carpets, lawn seeds and fencing for their ‘new’ flats that they had been designing.

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Year 5 Time and Tide Museum Visit

This week, Year 5 were lucky enough to visit the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth to learn all about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and the battle between them for land in East Anglia. The day ended with a Viking ship burial of a Viking called Sidgard. During the day, the children got to: learn about the journey to England from Scandnavia, learn about the tension from the perspective of a Saxon, use a metal detector to learn about how historical discoveries are made and learn how to be a Viking warrior, using a shield and (rubber!) axe. All the children had a wonderful time and were excellently behaved.

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Harry Potter Day

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their Harry Potter Day and successfully passed their O.W.L. examinations. They investigated the transparency of Harry’s bed curtains, the flexibility of wands, rocket fuel for the Weasley twins and insulation to keep frozen troll tears from melting.

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World Science Day

Students celebrated World Science Day and all thing scientific on Friday by carrying out practical experiments throughout the day. What fun learning!

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