Year 4: Autumn 2 2019

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Year 4 Homework – Autumn 2

You must: 
  1. Read at least three times a week
  2. Practise your weekly spellings
  3. Complete an activity on MyMaths or TTRockstars
You could also (optional topic):
  • Create a biography for a Pirate:
  • What are they called, where did they come from? What is their nickname – how did they get it? What do they look like – include a picture! What is the name of their ship? Describe one of their famous adventures. How did they die?!
  • Make a 3D Treasure Island
  • Draw and label a Pirate Ship
  • Make a Pirate’s Treasure Chest – what will be in it?
  • Create a Treasure Island map – how will you make it look worn and weathered? You could include: swamps, trees, lakes, mines, huts, forests, waterfalls, a graveyard!
  • Complete a survey on the appliances which use electricity in your house. Do they have switches? How do they work?
  • Make a musical instrument. How does it work?
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Year 4: Autumn 1 2019

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Y4 Roman Rescue – a story to share at home

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Year 5 – Come Fly with Me

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Year 5 Roald Dahl Day

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