Year 4 Norwich Castle Museum Visit

Year 4 visited Norwich Castle Museum this week as part of their ‘Tomb Raiders’ topic. This gave us a greater insight into the life of the Ancient Egyptians and we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

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‘Eggsperiment’ 1…

Eggshells are similar to tooth enamel. In addition, the eggshell protects the egg from breaking, just as tooth enamel protects the tooth from decaying. We used eggs to investigate the possible effects of water, milk, orange juice, coke and vinegar on our tooth enamel.

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Year 4: Autumn 2 2019

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Year 4 Homework – Autumn 2

You must: 
  1. Read at least three times a week
  2. Practise your weekly spellings
  3. Complete an activity on MyMaths or TTRockstars
You could also (optional topic):
  • Create a biography for a Pirate:
  • What are they called, where did they come from? What is their nickname – how did they get it? What do they look like – include a picture! What is the name of their ship? Describe one of their famous adventures. How did they die?!
  • Make a 3D Treasure Island
  • Draw and label a Pirate Ship
  • Make a Pirate’s Treasure Chest – what will be in it?
  • Create a Treasure Island map – how will you make it look worn and weathered? You could include: swamps, trees, lakes, mines, huts, forests, waterfalls, a graveyard!
  • Complete a survey on the appliances which use electricity in your house. Do they have switches? How do they work?
  • Make a musical instrument. How does it work?
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Year 4: Autumn 1 2019

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Y4 Roman Rescue – a story to share at home

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Nightingale Roman Day

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Year 4 Autumn 2018

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